Rain Man has been kicked out of Krewella

The gist of Rain Man’s side of the story:

  • Rain Man (Kris Trindl) is filing a $7 million lawsuit against Yasmin and Jahan Yousaf for kicking him out of Krewella
  • Reportedly, last year Kris got sober and this year after he missed EDC Mexico the sisters staged an intervention and demanded he go to rehab for depression
  • Kris claims in the lawsuit that “At this time, Udell, the Yousaf sisters and others conspired to remove Kris from the group altogether. Now that the band was successful, they figured they could always hire outside people to write and produce music for far less money than it would cost to continue splitting their income equally with Kris, as they have done (one-third to each member)”

Followed by Yasmin and Jahan side of the story:


They stated that he quit and resigned from the group. They cannot go into further details due to the legal actions taking place. This looks like the official end to the Krewella as a group of three members. Whose side are you on in this legal battle?

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